18 April 2010

Dear Sebast,
I know this photo was taken f.long ago, but just bear w it even if the quality of it isn't good.
'Coz this is the only photo that has only you & I.

Although you're fat & I'm thin,
Although you eat twice as much as what I eat,
Although you're tall & I'm fun-sized© (not short k.)
Although I say Sisterbrothers stay so strong but you still guailan me,
Although you never fail to gang up w Jeremy & Kenny to disiao me when I go back sk,
& Although I've left & no longer go back sk to slack w you all as often as before ...

I'm still here to wish you a Happy birthday :D
Study hard k? Be a goodrole model to Weiren LOL


- Infinite blessings, Cassalyn Cassiefyn.

03 March 2010

既然没有人要post. 就让我来吧!
Randomly, I went to read every post of our blog. I noticed how lively and active our blog is in the past. Somehow, we'll still post nonsense to keep the blog lively. But now. . It seems more like the blog can close down already. Well, outing or whatever? Anybody? I also notice that time flies in a blink of eye. It's been long since I last posted too. Ongjiahao! Blog 你也有份的 horh! Kohsinyi. While I reading through those post. Something you said caught my attention. Which is you said that I'll get my last year birthday present someday. Haha! So when is the someday? Laughs ~ Hmm , maybe it's time to change the background and blogskin. *Thinking*

To those attention seeker: If you want to seek attention, here isnt the place for you to do so. So jolly well fuck off, dont be an irritating pest.


17 January 2010


New year eve reunion dinner(steamboat) , 13th February .

Venue @Bedok reservoir behind coffee shop .
Will be starting at approximately inbetween 8.30pm - 9.30pm .
The pricing will be 5bucks per person .
Weixin will be collecting money on the 8th of february .
All sk-ians are invited! Do welcome yourselves . . Hope to see everyone there if possible . ^^

22 November 2009
Happy birthday jordan!

Sexy 18th birthday to jordan!

Had a birthday BBQ at 20112009 . Fun and laughter!

The guys .

The guys .

Weiren .

Weiren .

Weiren caught red handed for intending to beat kelvin . :P

Jordan and Weiren .

Requested .

Nightfall .

Here's our baby pit chef , sebastier .

Kimseng and Sebastier .

Jordan and Guihou .

Guihou and Jesslyn .

Jesslyn and Guihou .

Orbs love to take photo , there're so many of them .

Guihou , Weiren and Jesslyn .

Another big orb .

Kimseng , Sinyi and Jesslyn .

Jesslyn and Guihou(Left) Jesslyn and Weiren(Right)

Kenny .

Wasted one cake , infested with ants .

Birthday boy .

Birthday cake .

Jesslyn , Weiren and Sebastier .

Jesslyn , Weiren , Sebastier and Simon .

Sebastier and Kimseng(Left) Kimseng and Sebastier what you two doing ?(Right)

Sebastier and Kimseng .

Kelvin , Jesslyn , Kimseng and Weiren .

Kelvin , Sebastier , Weiren and Kimseng .

Kimseng , Sebastier and Jesslyn .

Sk group photo , some not in .

Jesslyn , Sebastier , Kimseng and Jeremy .

Sebastier .

Kimseng .

Kelvin and Weiren .

Kimseng playing skateboard .

Jesslyn and Kimseng .

Jesslyn and Kimseng .

Jesslyn and Kimseng .

Jesslyn and Kimseng .

Kimseng and Glenn .

Jesslyn and Jordan .


Kenny salute .

Blogger- Miyuki .

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M For M-arcus ( 1990 - 2009 )

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